Is fat our enemy?

There have been a lot of research in the past that suggested that fat is our number one problem in modern times. Doctors have said that fat is the number one cause of many diseases in our life. People have lived with that information, and they believed that removing animal fat will improve their health. Doctors recommended a diet rich in carbs and protein. For those who had a lot of fat, were submitted to diets that were rich in protein and carbs and reduced with fat. Today we know that this is a completely inaccurate guide for losing weight and for your entire health including physical and mental. Now, we have diets that are rich in fat and proteins and low in carbs because scientists have found the true cause of our problems. We know that too much sugar is the real problem in our diets.

Low carb diet

There are a lot of research that has shown that fat is not our enemy. Carbs are our enemy but only when we eat them. People who want to lose fat need to go on a low carb diet. To be honest, there isn’t a diet with no carbs. However, you can choose the low carb diet or how doctors like to call it, lower carb diet. This means that you don’t eat bread or anything from that field including grains, legumes, and anything that contains a lot of carbs. When we say a lot of carbs, we mean 20g of carbs in 100g of food. This is a very useful thing because you are allowed to eat vegetables and even a small amount of fruit because the fiber in fruit will make sure that sugar from fruit will take a longer time to digest. This doesn’t increase the amount of insulin in your blood.

Sugars in our body

sugarIf you want to eat something healthy, you should consider fruit that doesn’t have a lot of sugar. You can eat that kind of fruit but only if you eat it in small amounts. You can find online something about these fruits, and you can even find charts that say how many carbs are in every piece of food. For those who want to get rid of fat, this is the ultimate guide. Keep in mind that you will have to be physically active if you want to lose weight. A diet is only a helpful tool because the most important thing when losing too much weight is physical activity. So, if you want to lose those pounds in the fastest way possible, you should do some exercises that are combined with healthy diet.