Eating healthy

If you want to be a healthy man or a woman, you need to remember that eating healthy food is very important. Modern life is full of stress so keep in mind that your food needs to be fresh and tasty. Tasty food is number one, but the modern food is unhealthy. Usually, if you eat tasty food, it will be unhealthy in most situations. People need to understand that healthy food is the primary source of nutrients that are necessary for your body. Unhealthy food is full of bad things like sugar, so we know that this food could kill you slowly. Some types of sugars are actually good for your health. Refined sugar is poison for your cells and body. So beware what you eat. This stuff can kill you. Slowly, white sugar and refined sugar, in general, is really bad for you.

Is sugar bad for our health?

fruitThat depends. If you eat too much sugar and you don’t burn it, that sugar is going to transform into fat and it will use as a reserve in case you run out of food. This is a good way to preserve some energy if you don’t have any. This is a good evolutionary hack because when our ancestors were out of food, the fats from their body were used for energy when there was no food in the area. Today, we are surrounded by food, and as you can see, people are getting fatter every day. Sugar is not bad for you, but if you don’t have means to use him, or if you are not physically active, it will be used as an energetic reserve. The conclusion is that if you eat too much sugar and you don’t use it all up, you will get fat.


So if you want to lose weight and you want to look nice and sexy, the best way to remove that fat is to remove as much sugar as you can from your diet. The best option is to choose a low carb diet. This diet is very effective because it eliminates the sugar from your body and also it makes your body to use that fat as energy since you don’t put any carbs or very small amount of carbs into your system. This diet is very effective, and the main thing is that you don’t have to be hungry to lose weight. You are using healthy fats as an energy source and of course enough protein and fiber. This diet is really good because we know that animal fat is not dangerous as stated in the past. Some scientist discovered that fat is not the cause of many diseases. Sugar is.